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National Institute for Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA)

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The Bursary Department performs the Financial and Accounting functions of the Institute. It is headed by the Institute Bursar, who is, the Chief Financial Officer of the Institute and is responsible to the Director-General for the day to day administration and control of the financial matters of the Institute. The Bursar is also a member of the Management of the Institute. He is ably assisted by a number of Unit Heads who oversee the affairs of the units and are responsible to the Bursar.

At the moment, the Department is headed by Mr. Osinuga, Olalekan Olukayode. The Bursary Department is divided into three broad Divisions of Budget and Expenditure; Treasury; and Ventures and Administration while the bursar’s office serves as the clearing and coordinating office.

Vision of Bursary Department

To create a proactive and first rate ICT driven financial department to achieve the goals of the Institute

Mission of Bursary Department

To guarantee the Institute and all stakeholders the most efficient and effective ways of Resources Mobilization, Allocation and Management aimed at the provision of excellent services.

Comprehensively, the Bursary Department consists of the following units:

  • Office of the Bursar;
  • Office of the Deputy Bursar;
  • Cash Management Unit ;
  • System Payment Unit;
  • Ledger and Final Account Unit;
  • Salary and Wages Unit;
  • Vouching Unit;
  • Loan and Advances Unit;
  • Budget Unit;
  • Revenue Unit;
  • Store Unit;
  • Fixed Asset and Insurance Unit; and
  • Consult Unit