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National Institute for Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA)



Estate, Works and Services department is one of the viable departments in the institute that plays a vital role in contributing towards making the vision of founding NIEPA a reality.

It is generally saddled with responsibilities of provision of basic utilities such as water and electricity. It also engages in management of Estates, maintenance of building facilities and ensuring the provision and maintenance of conducive environment for the Institute.

The department (EWS) provides a conducive environment to enhance a good work habit and contribute to the success of workshop programmes. These maintenance activities are carried out through the use of modern tools and equipment. For instance, the institute has a Tractor that is coupled with a slash which the department uses to clear grasses from time to time.

Besides, the departments ensure the workability of various facilities and carry out maintenance of structures and the facilities there- in. The structures of the institute include: Conference Hall, Auditorium, Syndicate rooms, Offices, Guest Houses, Consultancy Quarters and staff Quarters.

There are certain things that human life depends on such as water and electricity (light). Estate, Works and Services department ensures provision and maintenance of utilities and the equipment thereof. NIEPA has mainly a 500KVA Perkins generator and other smaller generators all which are made available to supplement the erratic power supply from PHCN. It also has bore-holes that are of industrial and commercial types which are strategically located with storage tanks supply water to various offices and quarters.

Furthermore, the department contributes to the postulation of useful data such as bill of quantities during budget preparation and monitors the execution of capitals in NIEPA.

Mobility is highly essential in every organization. Estate, Works and Services department ensures the provision and maintenance of transport facilities. The Institute has fleet of vehicles which aids the movement of human and material resources especially during workshop outside the institute.

Estate, works and Services department has experienced staff in various fields of engineering and technical knowledge that are vast in their expertise and work harmoniously and therefore, contribute positively to the growth and development of the Institute.

Total personnel strength of both senior and junior staff in Estate, Works and Services is thirty seven (37). The department also engages gardeners as casual workers to enhance job activities.