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National Institute for Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA)



The Faculty Officers report to their academic Head of Departments and the Registrar simultaneously

Functions of the Faculty Officers are:

  1. Coordinate daily administrative duties in the HODs’ Offices and the academic Departments.
  2. Service meetings of the Departmental Board and other departmental committees.
  3. Advise the Departmental Boards on Public Service Rules, other regulations and norms as required.
  4. Supervise non-academic, secretarial and clerical staff in the Departments.
  5. Attend meetings of academic staff with Management to observe proceedings and take note of academic policies.
  6. Assist Registrar and HODs to plan activities required on matters of training and research facilitation, participation of attendees, opening and closing ceremonies, syndicate services, report writing and record management at Departments.
  7. Service Departmental committees on training and evaluation of programmes
  8. Coordinating the production of certificates and registration of participants
  9. Facilitate the signing and submission of participants’ list to the Office of the Registrar
  10. Sign all forms and permits for participants
  11. Keep, custodial monitoring and retrieving of participants’ records and training programmes as directed
  12. Distribute and process the issuance of participants’ modules and other training kits
  13. Oversee the distribution of Training Handbook in the Department.
  14. See to the proper use of stationery, equipment, furniture and office imprest under the directive of the HOD.