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National Institute for Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA)



The Unit oversees matters of staff development and training. The Unit has the following Desk Officers supervised by the HOU namely: 1. Human Capital and Training Programmes 2. Examination, Records and Certificate matters 3. Board of Studies and Academic Staff Development.

The functions of the Office are:

  1. Coordinating and organizing training programs designed for staff through in-house training, institutional sponsorship and government sources under the direction of the Registrar
  2. Collation and collaboration with service providers and by trainers in the capacity building of staff and improvement of their intellectual capacity and skills
  3. Regular review of the Staff APER for HRD assessment
  4. Nomination of staff for training programmes subject to the directives of Registrar, availability of funds and approval of the Director General/CE
  5. Follow up on decisions of Appointments and Promotions Committees for Academic, Senior Non-Academic Staff and Junior Staff to improve on staff performance and productivity through training and professional education counseling.
  6. Attendance at meetings of Interviewing and Assessment Panels for Academic, Senior Non-Academic Staff and Junior Staff.
  7. Observing and reporting to Registrar on meetings of all Appointments and Promotions Committees relating to APER and examination of staff for the improvement of staff capacity
  8. Assisting the Registrar in the examination of staff in conjunction with the Establishment Office for purposes of promotion and appointment.
  9. Assisting the Registrar with the production and issuance of certificates of the Institute and the records of participants and issued certificates for verification purposes.
  10. Servicing meetings of the Management with Academic Staff only
  11. Servicing other meetings of the Director General /CE with Academic Staff of the Institute other than meetings of Faculty /Departmental Boards under the directive of the Registrar.
  12. Servicing meetings on research grants in the Institute in conjunction with the Management Unit and Faculty Officers.
  13. Overseeing matters of academic development in the Institute involving the training of academic staff, attendance of conferences and seminars