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Vision and Mission

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To be a leading entity in providing Training, Knowledge, Research and Consultancy services in the field of Educational Planning and Administration for education sector planners and managers.


To develop a critical mass of education sector planners and managers for the effective and efficient planning and management of the education system through capacity building: continuous training, research and information dissemination.


To transmit the most essential knowledge and practical know-how required to build capacity for educational planning, management, monitoring and evaluation in Nigeria.

This philosophy is based on the need to produce seasoned, articulate, well-grounded, technically skilled education planners and managers and school administrators who are to work towards the production of quality, relevance and efficiency in all the tiers of the education system.


  • The provision of specialized and relevant planning skills for Nigerians and the entire African region.
  • The provision of relevant skills in educational management and the development of activities like training, consultancy services, and research and information dissemination.
  • The continuing professional development of practitioners through planning and implementing training programmes directed at equipping and enhancing the competence of serving educational planners and administrators.
  • The organization and management of programmers of consultancy services to the educational system.
  • The development of relevant programmers for the improvement of the national and international educational system.
  • The project and forecast of future trends in educational management practices and their relevance in Nigeria.
  • The monitoring and review of regional and world trends in educational management and planning practices.
  • Serving as a resource centre and network of information in educational planning in Nigeria and the entire African region.
  • The critique, analysis and adaptation of international educational training prgrammes to the needs of particular environments.

Mode of Operation

  • The Institute operates a relatively small bureaucracy, made up of experts: economists, planners, administrators, statisticians, information management consultants and a large repertoire of highly experienced external consultants from UNESCO/IIEP, Paris, Nigerian Universities and the Private Sector. The Institute works in close collaboration with all stakeholders in education in Nigeria, the multinational organizations and the nongovernmental organizations.