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National Institute for Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA)



The Establishment Unit oversees matters of staff recruitment, promotion, discipline and welfare. The Unit has the following Desk Officers: Academic Staff, Senior Non-Academic Staff and Junior Staff among others.

The functions of the Office are:

  1. Servicing of Meetings of Appointments and Promotions Committees for Academic, Senior Non-Academic Staff and Junior Staff.
  2. Servicing of meetings of Interviewing and Assessment Panels for Academic, Senior Non-Academic Staff and Junior Staff.
  3. Attendance at all Appointments and Promotions Committees including APER Meetings of all Units
  4. Attendance at meetings of the investigation panels and other Committees namely: (i) Appointments and Promotions Committee (A&PC, Administrative and Technical Staff Committee (ATSC) and Junior Staff Committee (JSC) (ii) Interview and Assessment Panels. (iii) Staff Disciplinary Committee.
  5. Attendance at meetings of the Institute Staff Recruitment Committee of all cadres of staff.
  6. Preparation of advertisements for placement in the Official Bulletin and two National dailies.
  7. Initiation of disciplinary procedures for Academic, Senior Non-Academic Staff and Junior Staff.
  8. Servicing of Ad-Hoc Committees set up from time to time arising from staff appointment and promotion issues.
  9. Processing of letters of appointment, promotions, demotion and disciplinary sanctions including queries, interdiction, suspension, termination of appointment and dismissal.
  10. Processing all letters of leave including maternity leave, annual and casual leave, sabbatical leave, special and medical leaves, leave of absence, leave roasters etc
  11. Processing of letters of commendation and warning letters, letters of sanctions and letters of transfer, redeployment, posting, secondment etc
  12. Assisting the Registrar in the documentation of personnel files and processing of the record of service of staff including confidential and personal information on staff
  13. Processing nomination for long service and meritorious services award
  14. Processing staff requests for appeals, condonement and break in service, restoration, upgrading, regrading and other establishment matters