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National Institute for Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA)

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The National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), Nigeria, was conceived by the Federal Ministry of Education, in collaboration with UNESCO/IIEP Paris, as a Sub Regional Staff College with the main operational mandate and mission of developing a critical mass of education sector planners and managers for the effective and efficient planning and management of the educational system, through capacity building: continuous training, consulting, research, information dissemination and resource centre services.

The need for capacity building of the education sector planners and managers cannot be over-emphasized as most planners and managers after their formal education are often neglected and are made to function on the job only through experience or theory without any initial orientation. Educational organizations like others have, however, grown beyond what only experience and theory can assist a person to cope with. It has become more complex and as such one needs regular in-service training to update the individual’s skills so that he or she can function more effectively and efficiently. The National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) was, therefore, established to provide the unique service of empowering education sector operators through the provision of specialized and relevant skills in planning, administration and the management of education in Nigeria and the West African Sub-Region. NIEPA is going through a period of rapid and exciting development. Many new courses and materials have been developed over the last eighteen months and additional members of the programme staff have brought new skills and perspectives to the training that the Institute offers. Highly interactive and participatory programmes are now being held on a regular basis and work is progressing on a ‘blended learning approach to professional development’ as a means of delivering of our Annual Training Programme that its preparation has reached an advanced stage.


The objectives of the training programme are to:

  • provide specialized and relevant planning skills for Nigerians and the entire African region;
  • provide relevant skills in educational management and the development of activities like training and consultancy services;
  • continue professional development of practitioners through planning and implementing training programmes directed at equipping and enhancing the competency of serving educational planners and administrators;
  • organize and manage programmes of consultancy services to the educational system.
  • develop relevant programmes for the improvement of the national and international educational system;
  • project and forecast the future trends in educational management practices and their relevance in Nigeria;
  • monitor and review the regional and world trends in educational management and planning practices;
  • serve as a resource centre and network of information in educational planning in Nigeria and the entire African region; and
  • critique, analyze and adapt better practices of international educational training programmes to the needs of particular environments.


The following are the direct and indirect clients of the Training Department:

Direct Clients:

  • Federal Ministry of Education
  • State Ministries of Education
  • State Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEBs)
  • Parastatals: NUC, NBTE, NCCE, UBEC, TESCOM/PPSMB etc.
  • Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education
  • Local Government Education Authorities (LEGEAs)
  • Proprietors of Private Schools
  • Development Partners including NGOs
  • Other Agencies in the education sector

Indirect Clients:

  • Education Planners
  • Education Managers (Administrators) – School Principals, Vice Principals, Head Teachers, Assistant Head Teachers, Head of Tertiary Institutions, etc.
  • Quality Control Officers/Quality Assurance Officers/Inspectors of Schools/Supervisors of Schools

Mode of Operation

The Institute (and by implication Training Department) operates a relatively small bureaucracy, made up of experts: economists, planners, administrators, statisticians, information management consultants and a large repertoire of highly experienced external consultants from UNESCO/IIEP, Paris, Nigerian Universities and the Private Sector. The Institute works in close collaboration with all stakeholders in Nigeria Educational system, the multinational organizations and the non-governmental organizations. The Institute delivers its training programmes either through its Annual Training Programme (ATP) now being modified to Blended Professional Development Programme (BPDP) or other short and medium term courses through seminars, workshops and conferences.

Note to Clients

Courses are customized for our clients irrespective of their dates. Our esteemed clients are encouraged to call the contact person(s) for detailed information on course(s) of interest. Of the special note is the need for our esteemed clients to inform the Institute about their programme of interest at least two weeks to the proposed date of the workshop.