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National Institute for Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA)



The Unit is the engine room for the business operations of the Management Board of the Institute under the direct supervision of the Registrar.

The Unit is the initial point of contact on matters relating to statistical collections as it supplies statistical data to government agencies and a range of parties throughout the community. The Unit also provides timely and accurate information for planning and managerial decision-making, administering key NIEPA investigative research in the areas of needs and coordination of compliance reporting activities to guide the management in decision-making. Desk Officers attend and take minutes at the meetings of Management Board, Management-Stakeholders meetings and other extended consultative Management meetings.

The Head of Unit (Management) also serves as Secretary to Committees delegated by the Registrar including Budget Sub-Committee of Management Board, Management Committees on Petitions and Appeal, Ceremonies Committee and all Academic Committees set up to plan training programmes. The Unit carries out duties assigned by Management Board under the directive of the Registrar. The desk Officer of the Unit handles the following: Board Welfare, Schedule of meetings, Board Archives/Records/computers and Communication of Board decisions.

The functions of the Unit are:

  1. Provides a range of management information and planning support to facilitate informed decision–making, planning and policy formulation, and overall strategic development of NIEPA
  2. Produce a range of institutional statistics and undertakes data manipulation, analysis and interpretation to convert raw data into useful management information.
  3. Compile and analyze statistical data for use in general planning, strategic and analysis planning, budgeting, sundry management requirement and repository
  4. Prepare management briefs for internal and external purposes
  5. Monitor resources allocation and utilization in line with the plans of the Institute
  6. Develop resources allocation parameter and report on manpower needs, control and staff development as required by Management
  7. Generate and coordinates reports on training and research grants and closely monitor the training programmes to report on the quality of programmes and its effective service delivery in conjunction with the SERVICOM Unit.
  8. Prepare annual plans of NIEPA for submission to government and the production of statutory publications and information for public consumption in conjunction with the Public Relations Unit and the office of the Registrar
  9. Provide data-based information on various aspects of NIEPA operations and undertake planning related investigations and studies.
  10. Prepare establishment budget and budget estimates of NIEPA in conjunction with the Establishment Office, the Office of the Registrar and the Bursary Department
  11. Coordinate list of vacancies to process recruitment with the Establishment Office
  12. Provide essential support services and welfare for the Board members at meetings and ensure timely preparation of the meetings of the board as stipulated and required
  13. Prepare the draft agenda for the meetings of the Board under the directive of the Registrar and circulate approved Board decisions within 48 hours to the relevant bodies for implementation;
  14. Service any Ad-hoc Committee set up by Board from time to time other than statutory Committees of other units;
  15. Service Management Committees and activities related to protocols at official functions and other official ceremonies and

16. Handle the passages for Management staff and guests of the Institute traveling across the country and out of the country requiring official services and assistance