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National Institute for Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA)



The Office of the Registrar performs the following duties and activities:

  1.  Serves as the Secretary to Council, Board of Studies (in the envisaged NIEPA law) and by extension all Statutory Committees of NIEPA
  2. Advises the Council and Board of Studies, Management and DG/CE on day to day running of the institution in an effective and efficient manner.
  3.  Ensures proper implementation of policy decisions and uninterrupted daily routines and puts in place extant rules and regulations to oversee the coordination of all activities.
  4. Coordinates and reports on administrative, professional and non-academic staff and all administrative matters respectively as laid down in the laws and administrative practices.
  5.  Appoints, coordinates, monitors, supervises and directs all Heads of Units in the Registry in their functions as may be required and necessary
  6.  Issue out schedule of duties to each of the Unit Heads, Desk/Schedule Officers in the Registry and other administrative beats where they are transferred or posted by the Registrar
  7. Ensures proper preparation and distribution of agenda, minutes and papers of meetings and record taking of proceedings of such meetings.
  8. Ensures quorum is formed for meetings and that each Committee is properly composed according to law and tradition of the Institution and competent to discuss and decide on such matters before it.
  9.  Provides essential services for members at meeting venues, places and provides management support services to enable NIEPA performs its mandate of training, research and public service
  10.  Ensures that all decisions taken at meetings are implemented or conveyed to those responsible for the implementation.
  11. Provides secretarial and essential services for all NIEPA meetings and functions promptly and properly including all duties of administrative and secretarial in nature including the payment of allowances and entertainment as may be required and necessary.
  12.  Serves as a repository of information and continuity on rules and regulations including laws to interpret and applies them alongside the scheme of service as statutory adviser to such body at meetings.
  13. Ensures that important records and documents of NIEPA are kept in the Registry as the custodian of all rules and regulations. Also, including their safety and that of decisions taken at meetings.
  14. Keeps copies of all legal documents of NIEPA like agreements, documents on linkages and relationships with NIEPA and signs certificates and transcripts issued by the Institute with the Director-General/CE for delivery to its authentic owners.
  15. Documents activities of Liaison Offices and other contact points to market the services of NIEPA and promotes opportunities to achieve the goals in areas of training and research development.
  16. Engages in good community relations with the local community through regular interactions under the directive of the DG/CE.
  17. Assists the DG/CE to manage and address critical situations and issues confronting Management on all sides.