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National Institute for Educational Planning And Administration (NIEPA)



The Registry of the Institute is one of the three principal arms of the Institute reporting to the Governing Council and Management Board in addition to teaching faculties (Academic Departments) and other service departments and units. The Registry Department is headed by the Registrar who is the Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary to the Governing Council of the Institute. As the Chief Administrative Officer, the Registrar reports to the Director-General/Chief Executive in the day to day administration of the Institute except in financial matters. As the Secretary to Council and other statutory committees, the Registrar equally reports to the Chairman of Council and the Management Board.

In the 28 years of existence of NIEPA (1992-2018), the Registry had been headed successively by three substantive Registrars namely:

  1. Late Dr. Anthony Chukwu – 1st Substantive Registrar
  2. Mrs. E.O. Ojeme-Osho – 2nd Substantive Registrar
  3. E.T. Babatola (a PhD Research Scholar) – 3rd Substantive Registrar

The Registry remains the administrative arm and secretariat of the Institute policing and aiding other Departments and Units to promote and guarantee efficiency and optimal performance. In line with its collective mandate as the custodian of rules and regulations, the Registry as a Department remains a major player actualizing the vision of the Institute as a world-class Institution of academic excellence. The Department is committed to empowering all staff with appropriate skills and modern techniques for the provision of effective operations and efficient support services. Over the years, the expansion and intricacies of the administration have seen the Registry growing from a small Department into a more dynamic and productive organ in the pursuit of the NIEPA mandate.

Undoubtedly, transformation recorded in the Registry has helped to enhance its efficient operations and effective service delivery in the administration of the Institute while creating opportunities for growth among its teeming staff population. The Department has been restructured and de-centralized by expanding its framework from four (4) Service Units to eight (8) Service Units in line with the Report from the Office of the Head of Service issued in October, 2017. The Registry now boasts of the following Offices and Service Units namely:

  1. Office of the Registrar
  2. Council Affairs
  3. Management and Records
  4. Establishment Office
  5. Industrial-Labour Relations and Pension
  6. General Administration
  7. Staff Development and Training
  8. Faculty Offices